About Us

By Executives for Executives

We interviewed executives to validate their pain points and understand what it would take to earn their trust.  We then identified a small cadre of seasoned executive veterans who shared a desire to utilize their diverse knowledge, broad industry and global experiences to help other executives increase the value delivered to their companies.

For more than 10 years, we have helped our clients realize greater productivity, capacity and service delivery quality by helping them build a strong and sustainable foundation of People, Process and Plans.  We believe that what sets us apart and allows us to excel at helping our clients achieve their goals are 4 key differentiators—The Magellan Difference.

  • Our experience
  • Our passion for sharing what we have learned
  • Our consultative style
  • Our pragmatic approach

Accelerating the Path to Excellence

We Assist companies how to build high performing teams that will deliver sustainable, quality process and service solutions.

We Show companies how to improve communications between business functions so that solutions implemented deliver maximum return on investment.

We Help companies improve operational efficiency.

Magellan Associates enables the building of capabilities that can move  functional organizations that operate in silos to a strategic business partner that practices innovative thinking and delivers value-add solutions and services to the enterprise.