CXO Challenges

Magellan Associates is a unique resource created for Executives, by Executives.

Through our own tenures as CXOs for major corporations, we have the strategic insight and the tactical experience to help executives navigate an accelerated course to excellence – which yields greater business value and personal success.

“I want to get to strategic issues, but can’t get past the daily tactical issues.”

As experienced CXOs, we have insight and experience in strategic planning, personnel development and process management to standardize daily routines, drive efficiency and enhance capabilities throughout your organization.


“Our department is viewed as cost center that must be constantly reviewed and reduced.”

We have resources to help CXOs better position themselves and their departments throughout the enterprise, so that department heads and other C-suite peers better value the strategic contributions available.


“I need more information and metrics to better manage my departments and plan for the future.”

We have established key metrics for corporate departments that allow top executives to better understand opportunities for improvement and capitalization.


“It feels as if everything we do is being done from scratch.”

We have reduced many common functions within our function into defined sets of standardized processes, improving departmental efficiency and consistency – thereby improving productivity and reducing costs.


Magellan is committed to helping the CXO and their departments be successful.

Let us help you exceed your goals.