“A Foundation for Business, A Foundation for Life.”

Our metrics processes will help you:

  • Define What to Monitor
  • Define Who will be responsible for monitoring the metrics
  • Define When to measure and monitor the metrics
  • Define How to record and present the results

Metrics are part of our everyday business and personal lives. Without measuring and monitoring our basic activities, civilization, as we know it today would not exist. The same applies to a successful business. No successful business could judge where they are, how they are progressing, and whether they have achieved success or not without metrics.

Abraham Lincoln could not have said it any better:

“If we could know where we are… we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.”

Abraham Lincoln


Metrics are key in our foundational belief on what it requires to run a successful business. With metrics, this goal is possible to define and achieve.

As navigators and guides to organizations, metrics are our primary tool in helping organizations chart a clear course to performance excellence.

We define metrics in terms of three general categories: strategic, tactical and operational.

  • Strategic metrics are those that track progress against long-term goals, objectives and critical success factors.
  • Tactical metrics are those that focus on an organizational function performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Operational metrics are those that track the effectiveness of key processes and systems.