Magellan’s Mission

We believe that all functions within an organization should enhance a company’s competitive position, improve sales and operations, and provide market-distinctive advantages to grow the business. It should do so while providing a solid return-on-investment and contributing to the overall bottom-line of the enterprise.

We help CXOs move beyond utility management, and focus on strategic initiatives that will lead to dynamic growth, value for their company and improved overall bottom-line performance of the enterprise.

At Magellan we see all functional organizations as a businesses-within-a-business.

Magellan is a unique organization of CXOs focused on helping organizations chart a course to become a better “business” – developing the strategic and tactical plans, personnel capabilities and capital programs to contribute greater return to the company. We are unique in that we have the strategic experience and resources to back up our vision.

As seasoned CXOs, we guide companies on a clear course to organizational excellence, yielding greater business value. We believe that organizational excellence must include a sound balance of strategic and tactical success.

Magellan is committed to helping you, your fellow CXOs and their functional organzations be successful.

Let us help you exceed your goals.