Information Technology Executive Institute

Combine practical experience with business education to run IT like a business and see marked improvements in the productivity and capacity of your IT organization.

Organization Performance

If the business environment is stable and growing, we can help you optimizes processes to improve your competitive position and bottom line.

If your company is undergoing a course correction that will result in process and organization change, we can help you realign to maximize your return on investment.

If the competitive waters are turning a deeper shade of red we can facilitate Innovative Thinking sessions to help you identify opportunities to create new, uncontested market space.

Interim Executive Staffing

Utilizing our vast experiences, our team can help you minimize the impact of an unplanned loss of a team member by quickly stepping into the role, identifying and validating qualified candidates and transitioning the role to the new team member with minimal disruption to your business plans.

Human Capital Services

People are your greatest asset. Our Human Capital Services will help you build strong sustainable teams that will improve job satisfaction, business relationships and service delivery quality.

Business-Technology Risk Mitigation

Don’t wait until a disaster strikes. We can help you build solid plans that minimize customer and shareholder impact. And we can help you ensure that these plans remain current and adjust as your business and technology changes.

Strategy and Planning

Is your functional organization working on the right projects? Are your projects aligned with the rest of the business? Let us help you map out a plan that will ensure that projects are aligned with business objectives and providing maximum shareholder value.