Organization Performance

There’s a time for efficiency. a time for incremental change and a time when you need to set your sights on new territory.  We can help you decide the right course for your business.

Business Process Management
Whether your organization is large or small, a common demand of CXOs is to continuously do more with less, faster. By optimizing business processes CXOs can achieve this goal and still deliver quality products and services.  Magellan Organization Performance experts can help you identify, design and optimize key processes that will enable sustainable business advantage.

Change Management
Whether it’s a realignment of the organization, a reduction in staff, a merger or the installation of an enterprise technology, the impact of change to an organization must be acknowledged and managed.  Not doing so waste valuable dollars and impacts the benefits that the change actually delivers.  Magellan has the depth and breadth of experience to help your company successfully transition organizations and teams through change.  Our guided methodology will ensure that the following critical tasks are effectively managed:

Assess the need for change
Design the plan for change
Coach those who will lead others through the change
Help others adapt to change
Address those who resist change